Bright Career as a Certified Financial Planner

Everybody aims for a bright career. Some people start from a lower level and keep learning and upgrading themselves to reach a higher goal and some focus on grooming their knowledge and qualifications to be eligible for the elegant positions in the industry. Either way, it is about the right combination of skills and qualification that ensures where a person can stand in the work hierarchy. To ensure that the right talent reaches the key positions, several industry professionals have a benchmark of some certifications. Those who qualify these certification courses are considered to have a complete know how of their field and believed to be the right candidate for the crucial post. In the field of Financial Planning, CFP Certification is such a parameter that paves a way towards an elite career In the field of finance.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a professional who plays a very significant role in directing the finances of a company. All the monetary resources and investments that form the lifeline of any business entity are managed under the influence of the strategies formulated by these Financial Planners and professionals.  A specialist having the CFP certification is globally respected for the knowledge and excellence he possess and he is considered the most capable person to handle the important business decisions. A CFP Certified professional has good opportunities worldwide and the salaries are among the highest pay packages of the industry. One can even work as a freelancer and offer consultation on various economy related issues on a broader aspect or industry specific consultations.

The minimum qualification to appear for the CFP Certification is 10+2 years of schooling. Various colleges offer guidance and preparatory coaching for the certification. A good college can provide the right education, appropriate instructions and guidance that can be extremely helpful to an aspirant. A proper training accompanied with ample resources to update one’s knowledge base and past years’ examination papers to focus and practice can make a huge difference in one’s performance. International College of Finance Planning is a renowned college offering its expertise to help CFP aspirants realize their dream. This College is in the industry from over thirteen years with Bajaj Capital as its leading sponsor. The CFP Certification Course offered here is of five month duration that includes rigorous training and adequate practice of all aspects involved in this field. This course has helped over 11000 of students to become a Certified Financial Planner. There are three campuses in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi respectively. The College has a strong reputation in the finance industry and all its students get placement offers during the course itself. Besides CFP Certification course, this college also offers some courses for the students willing to make their career in the finance industry as well as those who seek to upgrade their education for better promotional prospects. A good college like ICoFP help students focus on a path and reach the goal confidently instead of beating around the bushes.

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