Masters In Financial Planning

Masters In Financial Planning

An intensive 2 year dual degree program in Financial Planning

mbafp - Masters In Financial Planning

“Masters in Financial Planning is an intensive two year program which offers dual benefit of a Masters from a UGC recognized university AND a professional CFPCM certification, which is a global qualification with presence in around 26 nations.”

Masters FP Program Overview

Indian customer is getting more aware of the financial products and their features and is not as naive as it used to be few years back. Financial planners would have to become more proficient and add more value to stay in the business. Thus today adequately trained and qualified Financial Planning professionals are required by Financial Services Companies, Banks etc.

Masters FP Program Objectives

  • To teach students the techniques and tools useful for financial planning and analysis in today’s financial and economic scenario.
  • To improve students’ technical and interpersonal skills through the use of case studies.
  • To engender the required analytical knowledge and skills in order to develop proficient financial planners.
  • To nurture and groom the aspirants in order to match the requirement of the financial industry.
  • To prepare students for internationally recognized CFPCM certification conducted by Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), India.

Unique Aspects

  • Full integration with internationally acclaimed CFP program curriculum
  • Full integration with must-for-industry professional certifications from NISM
  • Inclusion of multiple Role Plays, Workshops, Projects and Assignments to enhance practical skills
  • Earn while you learn: Placement Opportunity after one year – You save one full year!
  • Inclusion of personality enhancement sessions
  • To promote CFP™ among students and prepare them to achieve the same
  • Overall program significantly enhances career prospects in India as well as abroad

Career Scope

It takes great amount of work and boldness to make a fortune but it takes 10 times those qualities to preserve it.— Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Masters in Financial Planning have the following opportunities waiting for them:

1.Financial Planners: Financial Planners are like Financial Doctors. PGDFP fully incorporates the curriculum of CFP. CFP being the highest qualification and only recognized Financial Planning qualification. Financial Planners provide guidance to clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Financial Planners are hired by pure financial Planning companies such as Fincart, Finedge, etc. apart from banks, wealth management companies, etc.

2.Investment Advisor: CFP has been recognized as one the qualification to register as Investment Adviser under SEBI Investment Advisor Regulations. All finance companies offering wealth management services and investment advisory companies including brokers need to register as Investment Advisors with SEBI. Hence, students completing PGDFP have huge opportunity with various SEBI Registered Investment Advisors.

3.Wealth Management: A wealth manager’s job essentially entails understanding the client’s risk appetite and advising him accordingly on the various investment options available to increase wealth. The advice they offer is wide-ranging and varied. It can cover taxes to asset protection; investments to property advice. So the responsibility of making the client’s money make more money ultimately lies with the Wealth manager. Wealth managers are hired by Banks, Wealth Management companies, Distribution Companies etc. These jobs carry targets and involve client acquisition, servicing and retention.

4.Asset Management Companies:  Asset management companies manage the investor’s money in order to achieve a financial objective within specific guidelines of the various investment schemes. There are current 43 asset management companies in India which require not only fund managers, research analysts but also need financial advisers and relationship managers to educate clients about the new products, services and offerings of the asset management companies.

5.Client Services Manager: Client Service Managers serve as a relationship management point of contact for clients of Financial Advisors. They are responsible for daily operations, client service, record keeping and sales support. They are the primary point of contact for all service related needs of the clients. Client Service Managers are hired by banks, wealth management companies, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies.

6.Brokers/Dealers: A stockbroker serves the financial interests of his clients. He executes trades and sells securities and commodities to individual clients, advises clients on what investments suit their financial situations and can manage clients’ investment portfolio. A broker must stay on top of the market at all times by analyzing, monitoring and researching the performance of stocks, trade markets and acquisitions.

7.Others: Financial Planning professionals have a great scope in the industry. Apart from the above mentioned profiles, there exist lot of other options in the industry such as Commodities markets, Currency Markets, Insurance and Mutual Funds.


  • Program affiliated with and degree awarded by UGC Approved University
  • In case a student completes first two semesters and achieves total 48 credits, the student shall be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning by the University.