Short Term Courses Reap Long Term Benefits

It is evitable that the youth today is not like the previous generations. They are more aware and demanding in terms of a prosperous career. They look for a course that can give them maximum value benefits in lesser span of time.

Moreover there are professionals who seek a degree during the course of their professional life that can help them to carve a niche and give an upper edge at work.

For such segment of people one year finance courses are a very reliable and viable option of studying. Working professionals can pursue these courses easily by either taking a one year break or a correspondence weekend class based course.

What are these courses?

Various courses such as CFP (Certified Financial PlannerCM), Diploma in Financial Analysis offer an integral knowledge of business ventures along with a bottom line financial expertise. These courses not only offer a prescribed degree but also provide a bouquet of opportunities in the finance sector.

PGD in Financial Planning:

The conjoint of financial planning along with budgeting and capital management, this course equips its students with an intellectual of full-fledged finance modules and awards a prestigious degree to their resume. One can get a detailed knowledge of following subjects during this course:-

  • Mutual funds
  • Derivatives
  • Security markets
  • Commodity markets, etc.

PGD in Financial Analysis:

With enriched knowledge of core finance, this course covers various subjects such as:

  • Economics
  • Quantitative methods
  • Corporate finance
  • Derivatives
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Wealth planning, etc.

The students get to learn about various relative business laws, partnerships, corporate finances etc. in this course. This diploma in Financial Analysis offers great exposure and tremendous potential to the deserving candidates.

Who offers these courses?

International College of Financial Planning has studied the need of such short term one year finance courses and introduced various certifications and courses in financial planning.

Since 2002, the students have been benefitting and contributing their wisdom to the organizations through these courses. These courses are affiliated by a reputed autonomous body i.e. University Grants Commission (UGC).

They have a 100 percent placement record for their students who require college assistance to start a promising career.

They have designed these courses keeping in mind the critical demand of growing market conditions from financial professionals. The courses also cover the techniques of evaluating the client needs and status and thereby evolving appropriate investment strategies.

They have a rich platter of worthy alumni who stand up as a witness to the goal oriented education imparted by International College of Financial Planning.

What are the benefits of one year finance courses?

It is not difficult to understand that such short term courses not only save time of students buy also award them with a different and wider perspective towards a job, situation or a client. These courses provide a competitive edge over peers and professionals in the same industry.

Considering the advantages of these courses some of the organizations have started making it mandatory to have a certification of any of these courses for promotion or sometimes even entry into the company. Also some of the companies have started providing an aligned program to their employees in which they can pursue these courses along with their job or special leave privileges during exams.

A recognized degree along with a good remuneration makes these one year finance courses a good pick for today’s generation.

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