India-UK Amicable Reciprocity

Worthy convivial diplomatic relationships lead India to strengthen its ties with the rest of the world. One such affable dealing has been with the United Kingdom. Coming across afresh is the news of UK opening up to India with Mr. Alok Sharma (Minister-in-charge of Asia) asserting India of UK to be its “Destination of Choice” for financing purposes such as raising offshore finance.

In a meeting with the UK India Business Council on “Future of the UK-India Relationship” in London, Mr. Kumar affirmed in regards with Mr. Modi’s Make In India initiative, that the UK wants to propose- “Make in India, Finance in the UK”.

The Make In India initiative is expected to require about more than a couple of Trillion Dollars by the year 2040 for meeting its capital needs appropriated for addressing prospective future energy and investment commitments.

The Theresa May led Govt. is proposing for India to have UK as its “Destination Of Choice” for raising the finance that it needs for carrying out the objectives of the aforesaid initiative, for corporates as well as quasi-sovereigns.

Substantiating his point on the relationship building with India, he added that the visa requirements for Indian students are open enough to let them in comfortably. As much as eighty nine percent of the visa applications have been approved. In addition, the UK govt. wants to have India as the first country to be offered the “Registered Traveller Scheme” which is aimed at helping the people travelling for business experience easy clearances on the UK Border.

Madam May’s visit to India has as well been the most significant indicator purported to signify the important value that UK places on its relationship with India.

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