Rising Need of Financial Planners

In the era of 21st century when standards of living are rising,lifestyles are changing fast, life expectancy is at the positive surge,financial markets are as dynamic and a plethora of investment options are available to explore,the need therefore has gone beyond earning well to planning your investments in a way that you achieve all your goals which in older times seemed to be only in the bucket list in which you could never tick all off.

Achieving life goals such as children’s education and marriage,creation of wealth, which aimed at providing the best to the family,money that may be needed for emergencies/contingencies, insurance and protection planning, leading an independent retired life and carrying forward of legacy for future generations etc., all such goals need disciplined and planned investments to make them all possible.

Investing in Fixed Deposits in banks, putting money in insurance or a recurring deposit, buying certain shares will perhaps fetch you the desired investment results over a longer period of time to help you achieve such goals in life.

Here comes the need for a Financial Planner.A financial planner will understand all your needs and will ensure safety of you and your belongings by informatively making investments in a way that you can achieve all your goals in life without having to deal with any financial stress.

A financial planner will plan in a manner that ensures that inflation and purchasing power risk are mitigated. A smart Financial Plan helps you mitigate longevity risk while keeping in mind gender differences.An efficient Financial Plan helps you prepare for both foreseen and unforeseen events.Financial Planning can help you make wiser decisions about how to go about saving money for achieving your financial goals by managing your cash inflows and outflows better.

Thus, it is recommended that a Financial planner being the person who takes care of all your financial needs by monitoring it with his adept skills, reviewing it and altering it as per the demand of the investment policy statement, must be consulted for yourself and your family to lead a healthy and financially balanced life.

Written by Vrinda Pal

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