There are no shortcuts to true excellence. So in order to secure the Gold Standard certification in the field of finance, you have to be extremely dedicated towards the same. By just following the mantra below, you can clear your CFP exams in one shot –

Rigorous Practice: It is recommended to practice on a daily basis. Even if you are a working professional, give at least one hour every day to the preparation. The idea is to be in touch with the subject regularly.

Cover everything: Since the board allows you to book a slot as per your convenience, it is highly recommended that you book your exam only if you are sure that you’ll be able to cover everything (as per the FPSBI syllabus) before that date. You may generally be able to book a slot within a gap of a month. So, prepare yourself accordingly.

Sequence of Preparation: It is advisable to cover the syllabus in the sequence prescribed by FPSBI, i.e. Introduction to Financial Planning, Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, Investment Planning, Tax Planning and Estate Planning and finally Advanced Financial Planning. Though you can take the first four exams in any order, it is recommended to follow the above sequence.

Hands on Financial Calculator: The calculator that is allowed in the examination is FC – 200V. It is important to know the functionality and various formulae that can be applied using the financial calculator. It is recommended to practice the numericals using the financial calculator (multiple times) to be hands on.

Revision: No preparation is complete until revised thoroughly. Revision plays an important role as you’ll review important topics and formulae at this stage. Hence this step is not to be missed at all. 

Practice Sample tests & Mock Exam: In order to assess your preparation, you should take up Sample tests and Mock Examination. Sample Tests would give you an idea about your understanding of individual concepts. On the other hand, Mock Exams would help you boost for Exam environment and would give you an understanding of Exam pattern, time management in the examination and much more. 

Be updated with the market: Keep in touch with the financial market news as you may see questions on general economics as well as current affairs related to finance.

Be thorough with your concepts: Whatever you learn, just do so thoroughly. Once you are thorough with the concept, you can easily attempt the questions.

Do not miss any session: If you are preparing for your CFP certification with the help of an educational partner, it is recommended not to miss any of the sessions as each session would have important concepts to grasp. So do not take it easy.

Do not panic: The most important of all, do not panic on your exam day! Take required sleep a day before examination day. Do not take up a new topic before the exam day. Also, do not forget to carry your financial calculator in exam.

All the best!!


Blog Written by :

Manya Kakkar
Associate Financial Planner

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