Why Students Prefer Delhi for Regular MBA Program

The stepping stone to success in life is choosing your career wisely. Unless you walk the right path in life, you cannot taste success. For a student it often becomes difficult to determine the right path in life. If you have until now followed the footsteps of your elders or blindly trusted the judgment of others, now is the time for you to step out of your cocoon and see the world in a new light.

Regular MBA College in Delhi

MBA is one of the most sought-after courses in India because there is high employability after a management degree. The advantage of MBA is that anyone from any educational background can enroll in these courses. There are numerous regular MBA college in Delhi and it seems to be the right place to go for your post-graduate education. But before you take the decision, you should know why you must thoughtfully take a decision for a better tomorrow.

For a fresh graduate there are exciting career decisions to make in the coming days. Primarily, a graduate can choose to continue with their education or seek a job and earn independently. If you are thinking of the former, it is imperative that you make a wise decision right now so that you don’t regret it later.

There is very little time between your graduation finals and admissions to your post graduate, and if we can be frank here, let’s not forget how fast the graduating years fly. For every student studying in college, the three (sometimes four) years of graduation is more about fun.

It is the time for every youth to open their wings, fly high in the sky, experiment with things they never knew they could, participate in college fests, widen their horizons by interacting with students from all fields and so much more. While classroom teaching remains the backbone of college life, the time spent outside the four walls is equally educative. Often, that’s the reason why years pass and students don’t realize that it is time to plan for the future.

If you are also standing in the crossroads of life, undecided about your next step, you need to revisit the education you received until now. You have to see things with a new perspective and take a decision that will be good for you. It is the time for you to know that –

  • You haven’t learnt enough yet. Yes! Even after spend 10+2+3 years as a student, you haven’t learnt enough. What you have done all these years is understood how the world functions and the standard norms that are the driving force. Though you have passed all examinations with flying colors, in reality you have been a bystander. It is during your post-graduation that you can become a participant and learn ways to contribute to the society. Every post-graduate course is designed with the purpose of turning students into critical thinkers and doers.
  • You have been spoon-fed until now. Another heard truth that is difficult to swallow, isn’t it? But again, that’s the truth. Our education system has been designed in a manner where students follow a prescribed syllabus and do as instructed. But in higher education, especially in professional courses like MBA, students are encouraged to think out of the box. Yes, there is a syllabus but that act as guiding stars. You must be your own inspiration.
  • Competition is with yourself now. Until now you have been encouraged to compete with your class-fellows. You have been told that your merit is truly determined based on how you outperform others. But in the final years of your education, this system doesn’t work. Now you will be encouraged to improve your own skills. You will be told that you are your own competition. Your grades and mark sheets may get you a job, but it is your performance that will determine your success. These life skills will be taught at the post graduate level. In management course, these skills are empathized even more.
  • Management is an acquired skill. You must know that a regular MBA graduate is absorbed in the industry mostly in human resources and marketing sales. Here the pre-requisite is to be able to manage customers and employees successfully. It is a skill that is especially taught in a normal MBA course. If you are keen interested in these job sectors, you should prepare yourself for a course that will teach you managerial skills.
  • What you choose today will determine your tomorrow. It is easy to flow with the tide. It is harder to swim against one. How you decide to swim today will determine the challenges you will face tomorrow. If you want to have a successful career, you must carefully decide today. Take your time to assess your capabilities. Since a regular MBA is open to all, it is easy for anyone to enroll in such a course. But you must understand how this professional course will shape your future.

Why Study Regular MBA?

In the job sector employees are always on the lookout for managers. As industries become more customer-driven and as customers become more aware of their consumer rights, it has become important for businesses to hire managers. Most often management graduates are expected to be exceptional communicators and crisis managers. Communicating with clients, customers and competitors isn’t easy.

You have to be prepared to face their wrath, handle their tantrums, solve their problems and address their concerns. Above all, you must be able to do all this professionally. Can you do so much without the right guidance? No, you can’t. But if you think you have managerial skills and are a natural problem solver, you must enroll into a regular MBA course to enhance your skills and learn the ropes of the industry.

Below we shall highlight some of the reasons why doing a regular MBA will clear your career path.

# Chance to Learn Something New
In professional courses such as MBA you expect to get insight about business operations, sales, human management and so on. These are areas of learning that are not usually taught till graduate level in most courses in India. So when you enrol for MBA, you get the opportunity to explore subjects such as finance, marketing, operations, human resource, operations etc.

# Increases Your Job Prospects
There is a consensus among employers that business school graduates are better at handling the challenges of modern workplaces. They prioritize hiring of fresh B-school graduates as these students are expected to understand the complicacies of workplaces. If you graduate with an MBA degree you automatically come into the limelight and employees will line up to hire you.

# Scope to Earn More
It is no secret that MBAs earn more than an average individual. They are paid more because they are skilled workers who enter the industry prepared. There are additional benefits too that others do not enjoy such as performance bonuses, healthcare, travel allowances etc. If you are looking to fast-track your career and earn more than your contemporaries then you must also enrol in a reputed B-school in Delhi.

# You Can Explore The International Job Market
Gone are the days when you could only dream of working abroad if you graduated from a foreign university or college. Today you can study in India and yet aspire for a job abroad. If you are talented and convinced that you can make your dream come true then there is nothing stopping you. Yes, you need to be pushed in that direction and that’s why choosing the right educational institution is very important.

# Stay Connected with Industry Stalwarts
The amount of opportunity you get as a B-school graduate is quite unparalleled. Since networking is one of the foundations of business management, you get the chance to interact with industry stalwarts very early in your career. This further accelerates your career and helps you fulfil your dreams quickly.

# Opportunity to Be Your Own Boss
You must have read ample inspirational stories about entrepreneurs with an educational background in management becoming their own bosses. You are taught the ropes of how to manage a business, create an action plan, plan a marketing campaign etc. while in B-school. This education exposes you to entrepreneurship. If you have dreams of running your own business then a B-school post-graduate degree is must for you.

Why Students Prefer Delhi for Regular MBA Program

There are many places to study MBA in India. The popularity of this course has ensured that there are numerous colleges (both government and private) offering business administration degrees. It is true that you can live in any part of the country and earn a MBA degree easily. It is that popular. But the real question that arises here is – are all MBA programs the same? Answer to this pertinent question will determine where you decide to study and why.

While the general scope of this professional program remains the same, every institution has a different syllabus. The difference also lies in the approach. Though every institution claims to be offering this as a professional course, few actually do so. Most others take a conservative and traditional approach in teaching the program.

This means that students are not exposed to the realities of the job market while pursuing the course and nor are they prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Instead they have to satisfy their urge to learn more by attending more mundane classroom lectures that are unimaginative and boring.

This is the hard-hitting reality of what is taught in most B-schools around the country. If you are really interested in making a career in business administration you must choose the right program and the right institution.

Otherwise you will only have a degree that will hardly fetch you a job, leave alone help fulfill all your dreams. This surely isn’t what you want at the end of the two-year program – a half-unbaked syllabus, uninspired teachers and an environment that isn’t encouraging.

If you really want to succeed in life, you must make the right moves at the right time. Going to Delhi for completing your education is one of those right decisions. There is no doubt that Delhi is the hub of higher education in India. There are numerous premier institutions in the capital of India offering path-breaking courses and programs designed for the modern necessities of the world.

When you want to enroll in a regular MBA program you should definitely explore the different options available in Delhi. This city being the capital of the country has all the facilities that any student would want. We shall be discussing them below.

  • Chance to Be at the Hub of Activities – Delhi is a happening city. It is the seat of the Parliament, it is the city where all major developments happen first, and it is also the city which is heart of the country. Can there be a better place to kick start your career than being in a city that is always bustling with activities.
  • Opportunity to Learn from the Best – One of the major drawbacks of studying in a B-school situation in any tier two or tier three cities is that they don’t get to recruit or partner with industry stalwarts. This is where Delhi has an edge over others. Most B-schools in Delhi boast of impressive faculties who have been part of the industry for decades. They bring with them experience and expertise something that textbooks can never provide.
  • Scope to Complete Internships – Internships are opportunities for students to understand the nature of their future job, to see if they can fit into the competitive workspace and to experience the day-to-day workings on an intimate level. Studying in Delhi opens internship and training opportunities by the galore. Moreover if you can enroll in a reputed regular MBA program you get the assurance of meaningful internships that are facilitated by the institution.
  • Immediate Job Opportunities – Do you know what is even more frustrating than not being able to study in a reputed institution? The fact that after completion you do not get your dream job. Unfortunately this is what happens to many management graduates who do not land on a plush and comfortable job immediately after passing out. But if you carefully choose the institution from where you study, you can be assured of a job too. Most of these institutions offer campus placements inviting corporates on a regular basis.
  • Affordable Education – Finally it all boils down to whether you can pay for the program or not. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you eye for the best course, but if you cannot afford it there is hardly any use dreaming. The good thing about the reputed colleges in Delhi is that they are mostly affordable. The course structure and fee is designed for everyone. Moreover you can easily avail students’ loans too with guidance from the best colleges in the city.       

A degree in business administration can take you places. It is that window of opportunity for you to realize your dreams and fulfill all your wishes. If until now you haven’t been sure about how to steer your career, enroll in a B-school today and fast-track your life. Make sure you enroll in a regular MBA college in Delhi to get the maximum leverage. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today.

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