Strong Base with Financial Planning Courses

Finance form the basis of every business entity.  The proper allocation of funds, investment portfolios, funding opportunities, profit management, strategy formulation are some of the important decisions that need to be taken care of by a financial planner. These issues are very critical and play a significant role in success and failure of a company or organization. The companies therefore set high standards for hiring the finance professionals and usually look out for the aspirants having qualification in financial planning courses.

The financial planning courses teach a student about the importance of financial planning and the factors affecting such planning. The students also learn the various techniques that can help them in analyzing the associated factors to make effective planning and the methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans and strategies. In short, these courses are aimed at transforming a finance professional into an expert finance planner. To get the best out of such course, one must look for an appropriate place of study as well.  A good college can play an effective role in mentoring a student by providing him proper guidance, ample resources for reference, focused preparation and industry exposure. A good college also enjoys a good reputation in the industry and it makes the student easier to associate with the workplace. International College of Finance Planning is one such sought after college where students join to realize their dreams of becoming a Finance Planner.

International College of Finance Planning is a market leader in the education industry and helping students from over thirteen years. It has three campuses located in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. The prestigious Bajaj Capital is the sponsor of ICoFP and this college bags several awards in honor of the quality education it imparts. Here students can enroll for various finance courses like MBA in Finance Planning, Diploma in Finance Planning, Preparation for CFP (Certified Financial Planner), MBA in Financial Analysis, Diploma in financial analysis and other short duration diploma courses. The Financial Planning Courses offered here also provides an opportunity to get multiple qualifications while pursuing the degree course. The MBA in Finance Planning is a two year degree program that makes the students understand all aspects of finance planning including the practical knowledge through the activities like case studies and live industry training. Frequent interactions with the industry specialists are also organized to increase the confidence and update the students with the latest trends in the sector.

The CFP certification program is a five month course designed for preparing the students for the highest certification in the finance planning recognized globally. The CFP certified professionals are globally respected for their excellence in this field and enjoy a life of high income and niche status. The Diploma in Finance Planning is a one year course that helps a finance professional to understand the various aspects of planning involving monetary affairs of a firm. Some professionals go for the finance planning courses to enhance their qualifications for better promotion prospects. Such professionals have an option to choose from the distance learning programs of the college.

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