The Many Career Opportunities after Completing CFP Certification

If you are planning for a career in the field of finance there are a number of options in your hand. There is a great demand for people who specialize in the field of finance right from the level of an accountant to once who decide the financial course of a business organization. Among all the different specialization CFP certification is considered to be one of the best. As the business ecosystem gets more competitive with start-ups offering head-on competition to their giant rivals, organizations are realising the importance of taking sound financial decisions mitigating all the risks involved in the process. This is what Financial Planners excel in.

Certified Financial Planner Certification arms individuals with analytical skills to help their employers and clients take important decisions that define the future part for any organization. From investments to mergers and acquisitions every major business decision today has to be vetted by Certified Financial Planners. Hence this job is very challenging and at the same time exciting. Apart from technical skills you need to also need to have good interpersonal skills that give your clients and employers that extra yard of confidence in your abilities. Now we shall discuss some of the career opportunities that you may explore after completing your CFP certification.

  • Banks – They are perhaps one of the biggest recruiters of Certified Financial Planners. The modern banking industry has charged immensely as there is more competition between banks trying to lure the same customers. They need to come out with attractive products and services and financial planners need to analyse the riskand the opportunities associated with such decisions.
  • Investment Analyst – Whether it is a personal investment or corporate investment everyone wants to make a sound financial decision. This is a well-paid opportunity for any Financial Planner as you would analyse the market, the risk associated with the investment, the opportunities and offer an analytical report to help your clients make return oriented investment decisions.
  • Stock Brokerage – Stock markets have become the go to destination for people in the world. In emerging economies such as India with increasing disposable income people are turning to the stock market to earn good returns on their investments. More and more investors are turning to the stock brokerage firms to reduce the risks. Stock brokerage houses hire people with strong knowledge of the stock and commodities market who can spot the trends early and offer valuable suggestions to their clients.
  • Insurance Companies – The insurance industry has gone very competitive. Today companies are offering ever newer products to cater to the niche needs of the businesses. This calls for in-depth study of the market and come out with products that add value both to the companies as well as their clients.

With such lucrative career opportunities a career in Financial Planning is highly satisfying. It is extremely important for you to choose a reputable institution that offers this course and helps you develop the skills and knowledge to excel in this industry.

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