UNWIND – an HR led Employee Engagement Initiative aimed at breaking the monotony and driving some fresh energy, enthusiasm, and excitement amongst team members.

unwind - UNWINDBy way of experiential learning and fun games, the program was focused on meeting some key objectives including fostering effective communication, teamwork, working with limited resources, innovation, and creativity.

unwind1 - UNWINDThe staff members were organized in groups of 4-5 and given time-bound tasks. Some of these activities included building the tallest tower with straws that could hold the weight of a punching machine, dressing up one of the team members with newspapers and coming up with the most fancy dress design, presenting a 2-3 minute ad commercial on a range of products given to each team and more.

unwind2 - UNWINDMoreover, hilarious fillers were thrown in after each activity that required team members to randomly pick up chits and either mimic a fellow colleague or sing a song in varied emotions, or stare at their partner without breaking into a laughter and so on.

This was one day when the activity room was filled with contagious laughter, thrill, high energy, and unending fun.

UNWIND – truly lived up to its name! What a great way to loosen up, relax and engage in some fun activities!

Nishant & Neha

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