Why Equity Research is Important?

Global equity markets have been on roller coaster ride since beginning of 2018. India being no exception! Starting off on high note, NIFTY crossed the magic number of 11,000 in  the month of Jan, tanked below 10,000 in the month of Mar and now back-up and ready to conquer the high of 2018. That’s over 2,000 points move in a span of 7 months, after that a continuous correction is going on in the market till now and this correction will continue till the general elections may get over.

The factors supporting to it are high crude prices, volatile currency, US imposed trade war, Fed rate hikes so on and so forth. Domestic factors like inflation, RBI policy, state elections which includes major states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh will also keep market participants on the edge.

From an Investor’s point of view, this is a good opportunity to invest in market. As the volatility picks one should be ready to build a portfolio, as you get good stocks at lower price.

But, if you think that anybody can invest in the stock market and make good money out of their investment then you are very wrong. The reason lies in the market situation where you would be able to make good profits from the market only when the market is in a good position. You have to know how knowledgeable you are in the stock market so that you can make right decision about your investments without any problem. You would find that if you make mistakes unknowingly while choosing the best stocks, then it would be your own losses that would take a lot of time to recover your losses. In the market the best thing that you should do is to research the market fully and you also need to know the risk factor as well. You can try and make good income if you feel that you have the maximum faith in the market. Most of the investors do not try to know the insights of the market due to which they take the wrong decision and tend to lose a lot of money in the market. You have to know well how soon you can grasp the market well so that you get the maximum level of income. You might also make some mistakes and get outdated information of the market due to which you always lose your cash. So it is your responsibility to be very sincere and try to make good use of the latest information of the market with full research on any company you are going to invest.

Conclusion – Market condition is very good to invest and one can recover all losses, from previous investments. Invest in market with proper research, whichever company’s stock you are going to buy, do full research on it. Or else take advice from the expert before you make any decision on any investment.

Shubham Thakur

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