Join Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning & have a Prosperous Career

Any student pursuing the Post graduate diploma in financial planning course is sure to have a very bright and rewarding future. It is one of the most prestigious professions and one gets a very attractive pay cheque too at the end of the month. Financial planning means guiding an individual in meeting his financial goals by managing his wealth in a proper way. The student would be joining the professional financial planners on completing his course and would have excellent career opportunities with either banks or invest advisory companies.

Admission Procedure:

  1. The candidate must be a graduate.
  2.  Pay the registration fee and acquire prospectus and application form
  3.  Appear in the admission test. The test would include group discussion and interview after a written test.
  4.  If short listed, evaluation of the candidate’s academic record
  •  from 10th class onwards till their graduation,
  • Work experience if any
  •  Extra curricular activities will be done.

Selected candidates would be informed of their selection and asked to pay the first installment fees within a stipulated date.

The course duration is of 12 months that includes a two month internship in any financial sector company. The fee structure is quite high and the candidates admitted are eligible to apply for educational loans with certain banks and financial institutions.

Why pursue PG diploma in financial planning:

When you join the post graduate diploma in financial planning, during your course you will be trained on how to start off in any job from the first day of your joining. You will be prepared for live projects under your mentor’s guidance where you can gain experience about financial sectors, learn how to retail sell financial products and also gain knowledge in the skills of advising financial goals. You are also taught how to go about technical analysis and live markets.

Job responsibilities of a Wealth manager

Once you successfully complete you are out into the world of financial planners where you could guide people with their finances. You will be called the doctors of finance. With your guidance a customer can plan their finances for generations to come. Designated as wealth managers, your jobs would include understanding the customer’s financial position and advice him accordingly on the various investment options available to him to increase his wealth. You should be able to guide him on how he could save on taxes [not evade taxes] or on how to protect his assets, where and when to invest his money and property. In simple terms you as a wealth manager have to ensure your client makes more money out of the money available today with him.

You as a wealth manager can get good opportunities with

1] Banks
2] Wealth management companies
3] Broking firms
4] Asset managing companies
5] Financial planning firms
6] Insurance companies [life and non life] and many more.

The successful post graduate diploma in financial planning candidate also has the opportunity of starting his own advisory company in finance and investment after a few years of working experience offering the relevant knowledge amongst his customers and students.



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