CFA- An Option for Great Success

Everyone knows that studies are very important in life. Today there are many organisations that are helping and contributing for poor children so that they can study and learn new things. Government also take some initiatives such as free education up to an age of 14 is absolutely free. Everyone have dreams in their life and to make t happened studies plays a very important role. There are various universities in India and also in abroad that are offering many courses for students. Different new courses such as marketing, engineering, fashion technology etc are also coming up in the market today for the benefit of students. It can be seen that today there are courses for every field.

MBA as a best Career option:

In this present time there are many different courses such as engineering, LLB, etc. one of the famous courses is called as MBA. The MBA stands for “Master in Business Application. The demand for MBA is increasing in the market. This course provides flexibility to the students belonging to various different fields to learn marketing, finance, accounts etc. This course provides the knowledge of managing things around you. It is considered as a job oriented program because it is in demand by various companies. This course is also considered as post graduate degree program. You can start this course after your graduation. There are many benefits of MBA such as the personality of students improves along with development in career, students develops the leadership quality in themselves after the completion of this course.

Nowadays at this present time management in investing and finance is most popular The MBA finance is famous by almost all companies holder.  The MBA finance in India is most popular around the world. The demand of MBA in Finance is required by each company. MBA finance deals with how to save money and take care about profit and loss factors. Another one is called as investments management. It includes investing of large amount on a particular field or on deals which result in profit only. These completions of both the courses completely result in CFA certification.

What is CFA?

The CFA initially stands for “Chartered financial analyst”. The chartered financial analyst is a program offered by CFA institute.  The CFA certification is given to those students who have completed the program and meets all the other professional requirements. Basically it’s a qualification of finance and investments professionals only such as stocks, exchanges, financial crises.  This program also gives outside knowledge of other area of finance.

Requirements for the CFA certifications:

There are some requirements that should be meeting. It is compulsory. Without these requirements the person is not applicable for CFA certifications. The requirements are as:

  • The person should have at least 2 years of work experience from a reputed company.  The person having both studies and work experience simultaneously can also apply.
  •  There will be written examination which should be clear on time. The duration is approximately 6 hours.
  • The person should fill the CFA admission form

Another CFA certification is called as CFA in financial planning. It is also required minimum 2 years or 48 months of work experience as one of the eligibility criteria rule. The CFA financial planning exams are come in three sections or three levels. Each level includes multiple choice questions in it. The section includes financial, quantitative methods, economics in the written exam. After the CFA financial planning certification is awarded to the person. There are numbers of job offered to this CFA certification holder person.

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