Reframing is making ourselves awake of the impact of negative Self-talk, which we keep thinking unconsciously, in our mind. Negative self-talk or negative statements about others increase stress, anxiety and health problems in our lives.


Reframing is about changing our perspective on a particular situation and giving it a more positive or impactful meaning to us.

Reframing can be used to help remove limiting beliefs, to help appreciate positive moments, or for any negative thought that we would like to change.

The first step in reframing ourselves is to examine our negative thoughts followed by replacing the negative thoughts with a more positive one.

To reframe ourselves with lots of positivity in us, we as a student have to improve our reading and comprehension skills to gain more depth. Through improving communication skill we are reframing our self. Reframing means adding something in ourselves which improves our personality and behavior.

1) Learn how to communicate
2) Learn how to present

For good communication, we have to be a good reader and it is very correctly said that “bigger the network is, bigger the net worth is”. Reframing means making some change in ourselves which enhances our nature, knowledge, and behavior like commitment we should show our commitment towards our work through completing the work on time.

Making some change in our routine and habits can help us in reframing ourselves.

We have to explore more to get more depth. Reframing can make a huge difference in performance and in presenting ourselves in front of others. We can reframe ourselves in any way but the main focus of reframing should be to make a person mentally rich.

At last I would like to end by quoting “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, BUT IF YOU DO IT RIGHT ONCE IS ENOUGH”.

Priyanka Chauhan
MBA (FP) 2019-2021

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