What is Retirement Planning & How a Certified Financial Planner Help You Achieve Your Goal

When we are busy working to earn a living and spending time with our family, first thing needs to think about is Retirement Planning. Generally, people think about Retirement planning after retirement. To plan for retired life important thing is financial plan. Certified Financial Planner can guide us in the early stage of life best for retirement financial planning.

Retirement planning is setting your goals and creating a plan on how you will achieve these goals so that you can live the rest of your life the way you want.

We all know that saving money for retirement is essential in your lifetime, but how do we start? A Certified Financial Planner will help you determine your retirement goals based on your current income, expenses and future needs.

Regular income post-retirement is essential

How much will be enough?  That’s the question everyone asks. There isn’t one answer. It depends on your current income, your way of life, your dependencies, etc. And how much ever you need, you can’t save it all. You will need to let your money grow to that.

It is important to opt for regular income even after retirement.

But there are many people who, after retirement, end up using the lump sum amount they receive retirement for other goals such as buying a property or a vehicle, exotic vacations, a child’s education or marriage. As a result, they end up either depending on others for money or forced to take up work again.


The following are a few reasons why regular income is important even after retirement:

Financial Independence :

When regular income is not coming, one must depend on others or compromise one’s necessities. Hence, stable sources of income can ensure financial independence and the freedom to live on your terms.

To take care of health issues :

Health issues tend to grow with progressing age. Health insurance is the first solution, but most don’t opt for it and depend on their employer-provided one. After retirement, they are left without any coverage.

Monthly expenses :

Industry experts say the average lifespan of humans has substantially increased over the last few decades. It means it is important to have a source of regular income to take care of your monthly expenses as long as you are alive.

Before investing in any financial product, one must look at one’s appetite for risk. As planning for a comfortable retirement is an unavoidable goal, one should choose their investment with adequate diversification among different financial instruments.

All such pointers will be taken care of by Certified Financial Planner.

We invite you to talk about your values and explaining how much money you will need to make your future one long string of perfect days.

A CFP certified financial planner is there to help you when you don’t have the time, willingness, or ability to manage your finances on your own. Sometimes, you’ll seek an extra set of eyes on your decision-making.

To better construct a program and recommendations for you, your CFP may have you fill out a form or give an interview. They will aim to understand your values, attitudes, desires, and experience with financial matters through open-ended questioning. It is also an apt time to define and prioritize your goals, needs, and objectives.

The ultimate objective of your CFP is to publish recommendations that conform to your dreams and goals. They will be based on the analysis of your current financial status. Your values, temperament and risk tolerance will be taken into account.

In many cases, your CFP will come up with more than one approach to meet your objectives and may inquire about your choice. They may also consult with additional advisors. Most importantly, your CFP will give you a comprehensive plan with detailed and well-documented recommendations.

After completing your initial consultation, your CFP will present you with the financial plan and discuss the details of all the information leading them to their final recommendations. They will work with you to listen to your thoughts and address any concerns that you may have. After receiving your feedback, a CFP will take the time to revise the recommendations and provide you with documentation.

This is the point at which you need to confirm the acceptance of your plan. Your CFP will provide you with either paper or electronic means of agreeing to the recommendations.

After receiving your confirmation, your Certified Financial Planner will prioritize a plan with a timeline. They will assign responsibilities to themselves, you, and other professionals needed. You can choose to have the CFP take action to implement the plan or request that they help you do it yourself.

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