CFP- All You Need To Know – New Course Structure 

CFP, also known as Certified Financial Planner, is a certification given by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) to professionals who wish to take up financial planning. This certification is recognized internationally and considered the best for financial planning training, education, and ethical practice.   

CFP Certification is the certification globally in the field of Financial Planning, with over 2,00,000 plus Certificants. It is recognized in more than 27 countries. For those looking for a career in the financial services sector, CFP Certification provides a definite edge over other candidates and is widely respected by consumers, professionals & industry.   

The CFP certification is the key for finance students and existing financial advisors to provide comprehensive financial advisory services to individuals and make an impressive career in the financial services industry.   

The CFP® exam is your premier qualification for a career in personal financial planning. It tests your knowledge of the field and your ability to apply it to real-world scenarios. The exam is offered twice per year, in February and August, and you’ll need to prepare in advance for each one. The first step is to learn as much as you can about the exam and the topics that will be tested on the day.  

Minimum Eligibility to Join CFP Program :   

  • HSC/ 12th Passed – No restrictions on passing %age
  • From any stream – Science, Arts, Commerce   
  • Individuals with at least 18+ years of age   
  • Anyone meeting the above criteria can join the CFP program and start CFP Course studies   

CFP Certification Course Structure : 

The Certified Financial Planner course in India is a 4 level program where you study for each level one by one and take exams to qualify them. The first three levels are Specialist levels, and completing the level leads you to get CFP Certification.   

Level 1: CFPC® Investment Planning Specialist  

Level 2: CFPC® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist   

Level 3: FPSB® Risk and Estate Planning Specialist   

Level 4: FPSB® Integrated Financial Planning Course   

The new course structure will bring an enhanced educational experience to our students. This will allow them to get more hands-on experience and deeper understanding of the material. This will help them to better apply the material in real-world situations, which will strengthen their understanding of the material and help them to pass the CFP® exam. The new course structure will also help us to better serve the needs of our students, which is our primary goal.  

CFP Course Study at ICOFP : 

When you enroll in the CFP Course, you will learn about the various global and Indian personal finance, wealth management, and financial planning aspects included in the comprehensive program. This study aims to make you a financial expert.   

The objective of the CFP Course is to make you an expert in personal financial management, wealth management and financial planning. Also provided are real-life case studies, which are one of the critical factors for the examination at the end of the process. Hence from both a knowledge-building perspective & from an exam preparation perspective, it is required that you learn for the CFP level with the pros.   

CFP Online Course is also available . There is no time and place constraint. While teaching the entire CFP program it takes around 200-250 hours, it needs approximately 150 hours of revision & practice . 200-250 hours go in the classes while 150 are what you invest yourself. 30 minutes a day of self-study and the courses offered by an expert would be good enough for you to develop the ideal knowledge, skills, expertise, practical exposure, and the ability to perform well in the exams.  

Being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) allows you to be one of the most sought-after financial advisors in the world. Whether you want to sign on as a full-time employee with a finance company or have your career as an independent advisor, CFP certification puts you on the right path to achieving your CFP career goals.   

 What does the CFP do?   

A CFP can team with you to create and maintain a financial plan. A CFP might begin with determining your personal financial goals and discussing your current financial situation and risk tolerance. A CFP can also offer advice on choosing specific investments, saving for a down payment on a home, and planning for retirement. He can help you in risk management.  

The CFP® designation is a highly respected certification that demonstrates a person’s mastery of financial planning. Becoming a CFP® can help you earn higher salaries and increased job opportunities, and it can help you build a reputation as a leader in your field.  

Offering the only truly complete online video series for the CFP certification exam preparation, ICOFP is the place to go for CFP education in India. The CFP certification is a valuable asset when seeking employment in the financial planning industry, and the ICOFP CFP certification program is the best way to obtain this certification.  

The Institute of Certified Financial Planners, or ICOFP, is a leading CFP education provider in India offering CFP course study materials that are comprehensive and unsurpassed.

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