Career and Talent Management

alent management has been described as having the “right people with the right skills in the right jobs at the right time.”

shared responsibility

Achieving this goal means aligning the interests and skills of individual employees with International College Of Financial Planning’s organizational needs. Talent management is a systemic approach to assessment, planning, and learning. It is an ongoing process and a shared responsibility of the employee, manager, and organizational leaders.

International College Of Financial Planning’s Office of human resources develops strategies, planning tools, resources, and programs for ICOFPEN’S. It stimulates communication about work and development planning and to help employees develop in their current roles and prepare for future opportunities.

Organizational Strategies
Organizations and departments play a key role in retaining and developing the workforce. There are three elements that contribute to a culture of development and performance:

Talent Management and workforce planning
Focuses on clarifying organizational priorities and goals as the basis for evaluating the knowledge and capabilities needed in the workplace.

Learning and Development Strategies
Highlights the ways in which employees learn in the workplace through education, training, peers, mentors, and targeted development programs.

International CollegeOf Financial Planning – World of Work
Presents resources and information to help employees manage their professional development to perform their current job and prepare for future career opportunities at International College Of Financial Planning.

As a department manager and leader, there are various talent management strategies you can use to promote development in the workplace. Each section below focuses on a different aspect of the development process

Retaining and Developing the Workforce
Looks at the manager’s role in development planning and conducting development discussions. It includes tips on understanding the development needs of different generations in the workforce

Learning and developing strategies
Helps managers identify learning opportunities in the workplace including training, peer learning, and on-the-job assignments.

Talent management and workforce planning
Provides an overview of how to manage talent by conducting a department needs assessment and inventorying the workforce capabilities in the department.

The Office of Career and Talent Management supports International College Of Financial Planning’s employees in realizing their learning and development goals. Each section reflects a different aspect of career and professional development:

Career Planning and Management
Covers fundamental self-assessment, research, and planning skills.

Development and Learning
Focuses on development planning, job enrichment, mentors, and training.

Exploring Opportunities at  International College Of Financial Planning
Provides information about job families, networking, and internal job search.